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Cunradt 1561
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Where are my roots ?


This question was the main consideration at the beginning of my research. I started by asking my father as well as my aunt about the family history. It was she who gave me a document regarding an inheritance. After that I began to put together the jigsaw puzzle about the Röthlisberger family from Langnau in the Emmental.



I originate from the “Gohlgraben”


My investigations showed that in the year 1751 one of my ancestors, Daniel Röthlisberger, was a farmer on the so called “Boden” in the “Gohlgraben” near Langnau. In the time period between 1763 and 1775 his son, whose name was also Daniel, in the so called “Egg”. Today this farm is known as the farm “Oberegg”. Unfortunately there is no proof that the farm “Eggboden”, witch is situated in the immediate neighbourhood of the “Oberegg”, was once the farm named “Boden”.



The Oberegg in the Gohl near Langnau in the Emmental



Cunradt 1561


As I do not have noble ancestors in my family nor where there any thieves or criminals among them, but common farmers, I was only able to trace back my roots to the Protestant Reformation whitch took place between 1517 and 1525.


In the official book of the church of Langnau, where all the baptisms are registered, is written that on April 27, 1561 the son of Cunradt Rötlisperger was baptised. His name is Cunradt too.


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